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  Product details:

Easy set up stream feeder.
Double sheet detection sensor to avoid muti-sheets feeding into the cylinder.
Feeder pump with individual compression and suction head to ensure smooth paper feeding.
Paper pile can be adjusted (both left and right) during operation.

Coating (main machine)
Upper swing arm gripper mechanism accelerates for higher production.
Programmable logical control system assures high machine stability and minimal down time.
Roller bearings are smoothly operated within stable eccentric housing works, prolonging the machine’s life.
Powerful variable speed main motor.
Independent power speed control varnishing roller is adjustable to control varnish consumption.
only high grade hardened steel gears are used, ensuring minimal down time and prolonging machine life.
Air cylinder activated impression on/off device.
Indirect heat circulation varnishing.

Curing equipment (conveyor type)
The power of ir light is adjustable in during machine operation.
Powerful air-exhaust fans.
Light-curtain to prevent unnecessary light exposure.
UV and IR lamp hood automaticcally pop up in the event of power failure of emergency situation.
The whole is designed for easy service and maintainence.

Paper collector
Well constructed machine; stable operation.
Fans quickly lower paper temperature after curing.

Max. Sheet Size 1060 ×740mm
Min. Sheet Size 450 ×360mm
Stock Range 0.1– 0.65mm
Max. Varnish Aera 1050×730mm
Gripper Margin 6- 8mm
Machine Speed 6000PCS/H
Curing Power UV 24KW / IR 24KW
Power Requirement 16.5 KW  (WITHOUT DRYER)
Weight Of Machine 6500 KGS


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